France, 1975

Born in 1975 Fabrice Cazenave began ballet dancing at a young age before joining Claude Bardouil’s PMA dance theater company in 1997 in parallel with his studies at the Fine Arts in Toulouse. Since 2006 he has mainly devoted himself to drawing.
His practice stems from a deliberately exploratory, even experimental, approach. Fabrice Cazenave lives through experiences which he translates into drawings and sculptures.
He questions our relationship to truth, to belief, to the present, and uses a subjective tool, his body, to question real matter. Most of the time he works blind, his eyes closed. He feels, tastes, touches, explores his environment, and simultaneously transcribes his sensations into space-body diagrams. His work, even if it seems exploded, anarchic, which can sometimes tend towards automatism, is in fact very controlled, rigorous and detailed. It is always based on a certain truth of experience. A high state of consciousness on micro events internal and external to his body.

In 2018 Fabrice Cazenave is the first recipient of the AIR program for French artists in residence (FAR) / Hill End AIR. This unique residency program is a partnership between the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery (BRAG) and the French Consulate in Sydney.

More information : https://www.fabricecazenave.com/