about us

Since 2009 Galerie van Cauwelaert supports and promotes contemporary artists on specific projects, with a particular focus on kinetic art.

We are not a gallery in the common sense of the word; we do not have an exhibition place since February 2016 (the idea of ​​opening a new space is being studied, but it will not be done during 2020), either with regard to the usual relationship gallery/artist because we are aware about the simple fact that without the work of artists the galleries do not exist (and obviously not only galleries), therefore we reduce the commissions to the strict minimum and we invest a large part of the profits in direct artistic support.

We propose and trade artworks in the art market in general, principally to our collectors, and permanently to new customers.

How do we work?

We work in a open way, trying to be flexible, direct, simple, in order to be the best possible intermediary between the artist and the market.

  • To support the creative work we do not take consignment works, we prefer to buy them directly from the artists.
  • In the case of a precise order from our collectors we take a commission on the transaction of 20% (maximum) on the sale price.
  • We buy and sell complete editions, multiples, drawings, sculptures, canvas, mixed medias, … of artists traditionally well listed in the art market.
  • This two domains of activity allows us to generate a profit which is more than enough to run our business, and a substantial part of this profit (60%) is intended to support directly the artistic work, by offering residences, buying works, participating at international Art Fairs, producing unique pieces and editions, among other possible forms of direct support.
  • We rent spaces for exhibitions, sometimes established spaces, sometimes unusual.
  • During exhibitions we take care of the production costs (transport of works, fees and insurance included).
  • We speak French, English, Spanish, German, and we know how to smile in many other languages.